Our world is changing at a rapid speed. So are we.

This is clear from things that are happening in society and in the wider world, but also from the developments that are taking place in people's inner lives.

These changes are due to the gigantic transition we are making from an old to a new phase in our consciousness.

As human beings we are part of a continual process of development and change that leads us to ever higher levels of consciousness and existence. On this path new phases appear at every step of the way, each of which comes with its own quest.

In my work I indicate that in our current age we have not only reached a new phase, but also a crucial point in our evolution, a point of transformation.

This period of transformation does not only require a totally different way of thinking, new insights, structures and abilities, but primarily asks for an inner change with respect to our own person as an individual as well as to the - inextricably linked – social domain: the relationships with other people, the cooperation in groups and the development of organisations.

Essentially, it is asking for a complete reshaping of society.

As this website shows I am very engaged in this transition process from the old to the new and the multitude of questions and challenges posed by the transformations that accompany this on all levels of our existence.

More information about the background of this can be found in the section vision and the 7 phases.

In my books and articles, I delve further into the spiritual and religious backgrounds that tie into this, and I relate different themes to our daily reality.

Under related texts, you will find contributions made by others about the age of transformation in which we live and the challenges it poses for us.

I hope that my website and work will grant you insights that are valuable to you.

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