Time for Transformation 

Through darkness to the light  

Margarete van den Brink and Hans Stolp

This book deals with questions like

  • Why is evil becoming ever more prominent in the world, in an ever greater variety of forms?
  • What is its source?
  • What can we do to keep the world a reasonably good place to live in?
  • Why is it that 'good' shows itself less clearly now than in the past?

We live in a fascinating era, providing us with 'the best of times' and the 'worst of times'. On the one hand we see how people are becoming more aware and spiritual, but on the other hand we encounter increasing violence and lack of conscience.

The great traditions of both East and West - such as the ancient Egyptian, the Mayan, Hindu, and even Christian - have prophesied that the present time would be a critical period of transition from a preoccupation with the material to a focus on the spiritual. Esoteric teaching tells us that in this period of transition we will be confronted with questions of good and evil, and therefore with growing fear, insecurity and violence - not only within society but also in our own souls. These phenomena are part of this unique time, announcing the birth of a new era - both within us and in our society and culture as a whole.

This all points to a single fact: that the time for transformation is now!

The publisher adds:

In this brief but life-changing handbook, the authors show how we can develop during this critical period of transition, moving through the darkness to the light, and breaking evil's spell.

Ample guidance, wisdom and encouragement are provided in this essential guide to our changing times.



1. The negative forces at work in our society
2. What is happening in our soul?
3. What makes our time decisive?
4. The birth pangs of a new humanity
5. The development of the individual
6. The awakening of the inner spirit
7. Darkness as a path of initiation
8. Through darkness to the light
9. Breaking the spell


Rudolf Steiner Press UK
ISBN 978 1 85584 211 3
102 pages
£ 8,95

Can be ordered from

  • Booksource, Glasgow, UK.:
  • www.amazon.com
  • or any bookshop.

Reaction from a reader

I have read your book. I really enjoyed it. I am so happy that you have on the one hand acknowledged the bad things happening while at the same time saying how this is the b-side of the coin that is called freedom and individual responsibility.

I do so often hear the bad bit but it is mostly not followed by an understanding of what this means.

Thank you for that.


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