More Precious than Light 

How dialogue can transform relationships and build community  

Margarete van den Brink

The process of inner development – leading ultimately to the unification of the human self with its higher, spiritual being – involves a transformation in our everyday selves.

In this act of initiation, the art of conversation plays a central role. The worlds which people speak to each other contain a force that can work in an invigorating and life-enhancing way. This force – which can be more precious than light itself – is the highest creative principle, the Word referred to in the Gospel of St John, which created everything that exists.

Informed by the insights of anthroposophy, More precious than Light indicates the path towards the spirit and the lost power of the Word, transforming relationships and building community. True encounter can only be fostered through making real connections with our fellow human beings.


New Times

Life is changing
The cosmos is changing
The working of the spirit in us
Personal and social development
The mystery of evil
The working of Christ in our time

Meeting and conversing

The individual path and the social path to the spirit
Light in the soul
Awakening others
The liberating insight

Self knowledge and change

The day-to-day practise
The rhythm of the soul
The 'basic social phenomenon'
Working on the encounter with other people
Self development

Paths to Christ

The social path to Christ
Impotence and resurrection
The personal path to Christ
The brotherhood of human beings

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ISBN 978 1 912230 78 5
140 pages

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