The higher purpose 

In individuals and organizations  

By Tanveer Naseer

Every human being has a sense of a higher purpose which exists in each of us. That internal drive which compels us to look beyond ourselves and commit to something greater than just fulfiling a higher purpose through ones actions.

The truth is that we all have this innate deside to give back and provide a benefit to others; to contribute in a manner that is meaningful beyond our own selves.

This truth is also the common link shared among those organizations which are often discussed regarding their successes and thriving workplaces. These organizations have learned not only to recognize this truth, but how they can foster a culture and process which taps into this innate drive found in eachof us.

This also underlies the new reality employers face in todays work environment, in which organizations shouldnt be focussing solely on retaining or attracting the top talent in their field. Instead their goal should be to retain and attrackt employees who share the same values as their organisation.

This way an organizations values wont simply be mere words in the employee handbook, but behaviours and beliefs which will naturally manifest themselves through the conduct and efforts of their employees.

With such measures in place, leaders will be able to provide their employees with opportunities to go beyond simply fulfilling their positional/transactional obligations, to committing their talents and resources in providing a lasting value and benefit to those they serve.

The company views itself not just as a business, but also as a force working for the greater good. Its higher purpose is clear, inspiring, deeply understood, and personally embraced. Its people have a passion for making a difference in the world. They see their jobs as much more than a way to earn a living.

You don't dream up your higher purpose. It is already there, waiting be uncovered beneath all the words, goals, strategies and activity of everyday business. “We serve today for a safe tomorrow is in our DNA.
We take our relationship to the planet very seriously, and we encourage our people to volunteer. We clean up beaches and rivers, build trails, and remove invasive species from parks.”

Higher purpose is the difference your company makes in the world. The most potent forms of higher purpose are intrinsic. People inherently care about what the company does.

Higher purpose cultivates intrinsic trust and unshakable loyalty from customers dedicated to the same cause.

What do we contribute? Why are we here? Ask everyone to reflect on the deeper meaning of their own experiences and to stretch their thinking about the true meaning of their work. Model using the language of intent, vocation, and higher calling. Continuously communicate your higher purpose. As your higher purpose

emerges from the dialogue, be its most vocal champion. Never let your higher purpose become static or fade into the background.



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