The Phase model on different levels 

The seven phases that I describe in the Phase Model can be found on three different levels:

  • the personal, individual, development
  • the development of relationships and groups
  • the development of organizations

On the level of the individual and that of relationships and groups, these phases are called:

  • Phase 1 The undivided unity
  • Phase 2 The old group
  • Phase 3 The 'I'- person
  • Phase 4 The transformation
  • Phase 5 The spiritual self
  • Phase 6 The new community
  • Phase 7 The differentiated unity

On the level of organisations the seven phases are called:

  • Phase 1 The theocratic organization
  • Phase 2 The autocratic organization
  • Phase 3 The bureaucratic organization
  • Phase 4 The transforming organization
  • Phase 5 The organization based on moral principles and values
  • Phase 6 The organization as new community
  • Phase 7 The organization as contributor to world development

In the different phases the archetypical laws of human evolution can be found. And so the old and the new world or path. On all three levels: the personal, relationships and organisations, the old world or path finds it end in phase 4. In this central phase crises happen and out of the inner self of the people concerned, totally new impulses and awareness have to be born.

Fundamental changes only take place through a deep process of transformation out of the inner core.

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the seven phases show their content on the different levels.


On this website just a short summary of the phases is given. More detailed information about the different phases and many examples how they work in practise, you find in my book Transforming People and Organisations. The Seven Steps of Spiritual Development. In there you also meet the important 'reflection process'.


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