Practical applications 


The phase model as such does not look very complicated. It looks as if it would be simple to apply. In practice it is otherwise, however.

It is as a manager who worked with the Phase Model once said: 'You can study it and find it interesting, but it is not until the penny has dropped that it really comes to life'. Stated differently: you can deal with it in an intellectualistic, analytical way, from the outside, as it were. But if this is your approach, the Phase Model will remain closed.

Only when you look in depth at the various phases, and let them come to life in you, they begin to speak and show their truth.

This is so because we deal here with archetypical patterns or processes of the human evolution. These kinds of truths don't come to life for you until you learn to observe and recognize them from the inside on various levels of life. The mysterious aspect is that you yourself are thereby changed.

Below some contributions about experiences people have with the Phase Model:

Insight in oneself and personal growth

A Spanish entrepreneur and consultant, José Miguel López, who read the book about the phases, Transforming People and Organizations said after reading it:

'I can say that during the past months I have been occupied day and night by the seven phases. I read them, I lived in them meditatively, I translated them into Spanish, and I compared my own life and my own experiences with them.

'The result was that I gained an entirely new relationship with my past.

'At the same time a sense of responsibility towards the world grew in me, and I became much more aware of the tasks that other people face in their personal and professional lives.'

Insights in oneself and the own organization

Ir. Paul van Ham (MSc) – Innovation cooperation
The developmental phases you describe in your book 'Spiritual development of people and organisations' are a true insight. More...

Drs. Jan Ritzema (MA) – Management coach and trainer
'I see my clients wonder at the insights that come to them from themselves and from the developmental phases, in the same way that I did, years ago. More...

Experiences with the phase model in a work situation

By Bjarte Haugen, former college manager
Working with the Phase Model in Camphill Coleg Elidyr, Wales. More...


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