One of the most important events of my life was the discovery that we as people are moving on a path of development that leads us to ever higher levels of consciousness and existence.
The second important event was the realisation that we find ourselves at a critical point along that road.

An evolutionary process that took many millions of years has made us into what we are now: an independent personality, an I, with our own self-consciousness. It is now our task to activate the divine core - our higher spiritual self - that lies within this personal I. Put differently: we have to bring the conscious power of our inner spirit to full fruition. That inner spirit is the higher spiritual human being within us, which inhabits every person on earth. It is our spiritual self; the image of God; that which we, deep down, truly are.

The start of this quest simultaneously marks a whole new phase in the evolution of humanity.

The old age

We can call the first period, in which the I or the I-personality gradually came into its own, the 'old development period' or the 'old developmental path'. I use the word 'old' because it concerns a world and a situation which has by now largely fulfilled its task and is therefore coming to an end. The old path is characterised by the fact that we humans were led from the outside. That was or is necessary because in that time, we neither possessed a strong personal I nor our own sense of judgement. Prophets and other religious and clerical leaders therefore governed people's lives and told us how we were to live, what we were to think and how we were to act.

In that old world we were more part of a group than individuals. As a result of being controlled from the outside and because of the lack of a personal self-driven I or an inner spiritual force, we were bound; dependent and not free. And because the individual and personal I – that with which you set yourself apart from others – was not yet sufficiently born, it played no role in social life.

The new age

What is so special about our 21st century is the fact that all signs point towards the emergence of a new world amidst this old, dying world. That new world originates not from outside ourselves, but from the inner life of us humans. It is derived from the divine core that lives and works inside every individual human soul. This means that the development of every individual on earth is of the utmost importance.

The new path is defined by the fact that we as persons are increasingly driven by the self-conscious activity of our inner spirit in the way we feel, think, act and take up and bear responsibility. This creates not only an entirely new connection with oneself, but also with other people, with the world, with nature and with God.

A time of transition

Our current time is marked by these colossal changes that are happening in individuals as well as in the relationships between people. In that process of change, we are not only dealing with the old and the new world, but also with the transition between them. This time of transition is the source of much chaos and confusion. People lose their way. The security and sense of direction given to us by the old world no longer works, and the forces brought by the new world, which will lead us from within in a new and free way, are still underdeveloped.
It is these three elements – the remains of the old world, the challenges of the new world, and the symptoms of transition between the old and the new, that make us insecure, and which are encountered in all aspects of our life. They can be recognised in the great questions that people struggle with in the domains of politics, religion and science; but also in the worldwide unrest and discontent, and in the search for new forms and structures. We also find them in the many questions and problems that confront us in our relationships, collaborations and personal processes.

Immensity and chaos

What deeply moves me personally is the immensity of the task with which we humans are faced in this age. At the same time, I am very concerned about the chaos and problems in people and societies caused by this period of transition. People realise that the old world, which offered a sense of security, is disappearing, and they mourn for what gets lost. They are afraid and insecure. For where is this leading?

It is important that we realise that all these dramatic changes are tied inextricably to our human evolution and are part of an overarching process of cosmic advancement. It is a process that has been going on for many millions of years, and one which guides humanity ahead, step by step, in its journey towards higher levels of consciousness and existence, albeit with much trial and error.


I owe the insights described above to years of studying esoteric thought, in particular Anthroposophy, as well as to my observations of life in action. I have further developed the spiritual insights that I thus obtained and I now apply in my work.

I see that people recognise themselves in the processes I describe and that it helps them better understand their lives, themselves, their relationships and the events that happen in society.
This allows them to come to terms with the questions and situations with which they are faced. Additionally, they come to understand what is needed for them to stay on course as they move into the future.

I consider it my aim in life and in my work to make the knowledge and insights that I have attained available to as many people as possible.



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